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A Game Changer

Pro-Core is a micro damping technology designed to enhance all golf shafts to their full potential. This is achieved by applying damping properties and measured compression forces to the inner wall of a golf shaft at a predetermined compression point.

The Pro-Core weighs just three grams and has a special polymer formulated to provide extensive vibration damping properties when under compression in the shaft. At three grams, Pro-Core has no negative impact on swing weight.

Powerful Performance

Pro-Core delivers the following fundamental physical changes to a golf shaft:

  • Reduction in vibration frequencies 30% Hz = improved sensory perception

  • Increase in ball contact time max 28% = increased feel and control

  • Greater kinetic energy transfer 18% = cleaner contact from reduced vibration

  • Improves shaft stability and repeatability = 13% less head displacement                                                                                                   


Our unique fitting system enables you to ‘Self-Fit’ the Pro-Core using a compression gauge, which sets the Pro-Core in position to a specific newton metre force (Nm) to achieve optimum performance, matching your swing dynamics and preferred shot profile.




Follow this link for more scientific and technical data

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