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Pro-Core puts the county set on course

for gains in distance and dispersion  


The disparity in venues could not have been more appropriate. Next door to a golfing adventure park featuring dinosaurs, golfers were getting to grips with Pro-Core, an invention described by an R&A representative as capable of changing golf forever.


The golfers are members of the Staffordshire County squad and, contrasting with the whoops of feigned fright from punters in the adventure park, were their purrs of satisfaction as they put Pro-Core to the test.

Weighing just three grams, made from a formulated polymer, and inserted under compression into a golf club’s shaft, Pro-Core has no negative impact on swing weight.

And, as the Staffordshire golfers discovered after having their driver fitted with a Pro-Core, the positive effects of the improved distance the ball travels and reduced dispersion are inescapable.

“It’s very interesting that some little device can make such a difference to the beneficial feel of the club,” said Mark Ashton, a senior golfer from Ingestre Park who plays off five.


“I can make the ball go left or right without trying sometimes, this has helped me do it less! The figures on the read out also show there’s a marginal gain in distance. Every little helps, doesn’t it? As for keeping it in my driver, I can’t get it out but I’m not going to want to!”


At the other end of the golfing age spectrum, Alex Dommett, a junior member at Beaudesert Golf Club who plays off four, experienced a noticeable difference when Pro-Core was inserted into his club and then removed.


“Having had the physics behind Pro-Core explained to me, I expected it to work,” he said. “That was clear during the testing. Without it being in my club, then optimised in my club, and then removed, I could see and feel the difference straight away. Flight, ball dispersion and direction all improved. I’m sold on the whole concept of it.”


Likewise, Gareth Shaw, Staffordshire Golf secretary and a PGA Professional who arranged for Pro-Core inventor David Hicks and fellow PGA pro Mark Wiggett to conduct the demonstration day at the Ultimate Golf Centre, Walsall.


“I’d love to fit all our players with Pro-Core,” he said. “If we can get those marginal gains that can help us get better, then why not? You need to take any advantage you can so if Pro-Core gives the guys the confidence to play better and shoot better scores, we’re open to doing anything.


“The object of today was to introduce the guys of all ages - from under 14s to 70-plus golfers

- to new technology. I’m a massive convert to Pro-Core.


“When I worked in the PGA training department before coming here Pro-Core was passed on to me to evaluate. So, I picked up a club, fitted Pro-Core and got a 20-yard increase in distance and tightened dispersion massively. I’ve got Pro-Core in every single one of my clubs, from driver to putter. I love it.”

Head Office

Pro-Core Golf Ltd
Unit 4 Nova Business Park, New Milton, Hampshire, BH25 6SA

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