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Dave Ford, a PGA Professional, put Pro-Core to the test on the ninth hole at Brokenhurst Manor Golf Club, Hampshire. It was conducted under the watchful eyes of GOLF EXV founder and CEO Peter Blay who ensured the veracity of the test and its findings. Given the 7am start, conditions were cool and a 10 – 12 mph cross wind, blowing from left to right, was slightly against the tester. In addition, the ninth fairway slopes from right to left, which is relevant to the data produced by the Trackman launch monitor that recorded every shot executed by the tester.

The driver, Ford used to conduct the test, had a new 3-gram Pro-Core fitted in its shaft and new Titleist Pro- V1 balls were used throughout.

A total of 30 shots in groups of five were executed under various settings with and without Pro-Core in the driver’s shaft in a warm-up. Then, once the preferred setting had been established, five shots with Pro-Core fitted and another five without were executed. These demonstrated the various flight patterns that were the result of Pro-Core’s presence in the shaft and the group Dr-PC2 Compression 125 Newton Metres was Ford’s preferred setting and gave the best results on dispersion, flight and feel at impact.

The resulting data shows that, due to the fairway running right to left where the ball landed, the balls finished slightly left of centre.

This demonstrates the optimisation of the Carry and Distance data for Dr-PC2 and shows the consistency of the average recorded shots with Pro-Core fitted. The results are very close to optimum, which is what one seeks to get the best for the player.

These Trackman optimizer ‘carry’ findings show the improved consistency achieved with

Pro-Core fitted in the driver shaft.

This ‘Carry & Total’ data demonstrates the loss of consistency when Pro-Core was not in the shaft and, in particular, the difference in spin compared with Pro-Core fitted.

These findings show that, without Pro-Core fitted, we have moved further away from achieving as close to optimum as possible. In addition, the player commented the shaft felt less stable.

This shows how much more consistent trajectory is with Pro-Core fitted. The blue lines in the background show the trajectory when Pro-Core was not fitted in the driver’s shaft.

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