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Solid feel & control

A much more solid feel at impact greater consistency on ball strike and clubhead awareness which result in improved dispersion (left and right) and distance control. The average improvement with Pro-Core is 30 per cent. That’s a big number!


Increased Ball Speed

A gain in shaft stability and repeatability plus improved kinetic energy transfer at impact results in more consistent distance on good and mishit shots. You will also gain an approximate 2 per cent increase in swing speed due to greater club awareness and confidence.


Reduced Vibration

Reduce impact fatigue especially through wrist and arms while improving sensory learning. This is especially an advantage when putting. Reduced vibration equals cleaner contact and more accuracy to the target line.


Variable Spin Control

Pro-Core facilitates an increase or decrease in spin in any club in your bag. If you need less in your driver or more in your irons, forr example, Pro-Core will apply this through its unique damping properties, and internal forces applied at strategic positioning inside the shaft, resulting in greater control.

Head Office

Pro-Core Golf Ltd
Unit 4 Nova Business Park, New Milton, Hampshire, BH25 6SA


Call: 07734 231859

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