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The revolutionary Pro-Core is designed to help a golf club's shaft realise its full potential and achieve game-changing effects on a golfer's performance.


Weighing just three grams and made from a polymer formulated to provide extensive vibration-damping properties when under compression in the shaft, Pro-Core has no negative impact on swing weight.

Moreover, a shaft's stability will be improved, shots feel more solid, dispersion enhanced and distance gained once Pro-Core is fitted.

The device has been tested extensively by golf club professionals, club-fitters, and elite players using recognised launch monitors such as Trackman, GC2, and Flight Scope to measure its effectiveness.

Their findings confirm significant changes in dispersion, spin rate and distance, leading to more consistent flight performance.

Fitting Pro-Core is a straightforward process and, using our advanced compression fitting tool, it can be done at home or at one of our approved outlets.


Once installed, the shaft’s performance characteristics can be tuned to suit a golfer’s swing style and playing requirements. In short, Pro-Core will improve all your clubs from putter to driver and everything in between!

And, most importantly, The R&A and USGA have ruled that Pro-Core conforms to the Rules of Golf and is suitable for competition and Tour use.

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